Before & After Gallery

Before and After Gallery

A natural fit.

Getting retirement ready. With a mismatched front crown, fillings and chipped edges this patient has a naturally restored smile.

Fresh and clean.

Some old discolored bonding was taking away from her smile. We worked together to maintain natural the natural character of her smile but improve the things she did not like.

What is old is new again.

Original veneers were placed to close a substantial space between the two front teeth. After close to 20 years in service the color match is not great, too dark. (I was lucky enough to see the original photos from then and they actually looked very light then!) After a custom shade at the ceramist dental lab (Impressions Dental Studios) we were able to produce a very natural result. A smile to feel good about!


The change in this smile speaks for itself.

Erosion of the the enamel on the front surface of these teeth was partly covered up by some old fillings. The spacing, shape and color also detracted from this beautiful woman’s smile. Treatment time was about 2 hours and a follow-up appointment to touch up areas and give the direct bond veneers their final polish.


No more migraines!

This patients’ complaint was the two crowns placed ten years ago looked unnatural. While their color was not a great match, more of an issue is the chronic gum inflammation they were causing. Replacing them addressed these cosmetic and health issues. Functionally correcting the bite on these crowns relieved the migraine headaches the patient suffered from. This is a prime example of how overall well-being relies upon a positive jaw relationship. The robust occlusal scheme on the previous crowns created a stomatognathic system in tension, and the chronic gingival inflammation would in time progress to periodontitis (gum disease) and subsequent bone loss.


The proof is in your smile…

This young patient had been living this way for 8 years. Her spaces for missing teeth were being filled with false teeth attached to an orthodontic retainer. This ill fitting retainer caused an overgrowth of gum tissue on the roof of her mouth and is contributing to breath odour. Because of other large fillings the best option was to replace the teeth with two fixed bridges. What a difference!


Learning to smile again.

This fellow had been hiding his smile so long he had pretty much forgotten how. Despite having orthodontics his upper front teeth were too small and spaced. He also did not like their overall color especially the left (your right) canine. Top of his list is the one front tooth pushed forward, in the pictures it looks shorter but was actually angled outward about 30 degrees!
With two all ceramic crowns and four veneers, we addressed all his issues. He now looks great with his bright smile.
It changes him from someone you might avoid on the street to the happiest smile on the block!


Better pictures.

This patients main complaint was that his dark front tooth looked missing in pictures. The major issues with this smile are crowded/misaligned teeth, a discolored tooth from a previous root canal, a gumline cavity and asymmetric/excessive gum line. The issues are addressed by gum contouring, two crowns, two veneers and a composite (white) filling. The end result is a cleaner brighter smile and was achieved in three appointments.


Fixed for good.

This damaged front tooth was really distracting for such a healthy smile. Fixing it properly made it blend in seamlessly.

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Routine Dental Procedures

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