Emergency Care – toothache? broken tooth?

Emergency Dental Care

YIKES! If you’ve landed here you might be in trouble. If you have toothache, a broken tooth or you require emergency dental care, please call and see if we can see you right away. Many times same day appointments are available, let us help you!

A few tips to help in a pinch for:

A knocked out tooth

(adult tooth) try not to handle the root surface, rinse tooth with clean water if dirty, put tooth in milk and bring to dentist as soon as possible. (baby tooth) Leave tooth out of socket, apply pressure to wound to control bleeding and see dentist as soon as possible.

Broken tooth / rough edge

Cover rough surface with chewing gum or orthodontic wax (covers braces) to reduce sensitivity and keep tongue from rubbing. Then see a dentist as soon as possible.

Swelling / fever / toothache / pain

If you can’t get to dental care within a couple of hours please seek emergency care at a hospital, dental infections can be life threatening.

Call 604-277-2223, our after hours emergency number will be on the answering service.

While I hate seeing people in pain from a toothache, I love making them feel better. Nothing is worse than that helpless feeling of an ache not letting you eat or rest. There is no shame or embarrassment here with having a dental problem. It is my job to help you out!

Our Services

Our focus is on quality prevention based care. We aim to preserve your natural teeth and when restoring your smile, using materials that are the most natural for a healthy and long term result.

Routine Dental Procedures

Routine Dental Procedures

Regular care and maintenance of a healthy smile for every year of you life. Your best smile need regular attention and care both by yourself at home and by our team of oral care professionals. We can help asses what your home care is like and offer suggestions on which products would work best for your needs and how to use them. Often a small change can greatly improve long term oral health. Read More

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Aesthetic and Restorative

Esthetic and Restorative

Helping you shine is where we shine. We place a high priority on honing the skills and having the cutting edge equipment and products for our patients who want to improve the look and functions of their teeth. We do life changing dentistry and are proud of it! Read More

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