Your smile is a reflection of you.

If you feel that you are living with a smile that is less than perfect let us show you how dentistry can renew your confidence, change your life and help you show who you really are. We are here for you.

Harmony Dental Studio is a dentist clinic based in Richmond with a client centred approach in treatment options, our equipment is modern and this allows us to offer our clients all that dental science has to offer. It doesn't matter if you are just starting to explore your options or ready to move forward in getting your best smile, come in and talk with us about your needs. Concerns are often financial, anxiety, functional and/or aesthestic but we have options to help you get what you want. We can create a custom plan that suits you.

Our Services

Our focus is on quality prevention based care. We aim to preserve your natural teeth and when restoring your smile, using materials that are the most natural for a healthy and long term result.

Routine Dental Procedures

Routine Dental Procedures

Regular care and maintenance of a healthy smile for every year of you life. Your best smile need regular attention and care both by yourself at home and by our team of oral care professionals. We can help asses what your home care is like and offer suggestions on which products would work best for your needs and how to use them. Often a small change can greatly improve long term oral health. Read More

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Aesthetic and Restorative

Esthetic and Restorative

Helping you shine is where we shine. We place a high priority on honing the skills and having the cutting edge equipment and products for our patients who want to improve the look and functions of their teeth. We do life changing dentistry and are proud of it! Read More

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Orthodontic Services