Specialized Dental Services

Individualized attention, care and consultation

Each person has their own concerns for their dental health and aesthetics. Initial exams include a visual inspection of the oral tissues and cancer screening, exam of the gingival (gums) tissue and supporting tooth structure, inspection of existing restorations and decay assessment, radiographs of the teeth, evaluation of jaw relationship and tooth wear. Often facial, extra and intra-oral photographs and models are taken to assess options for treatment. Using this personalized information we take the time to get to know what is important to you and help you decide what treatment options will work best for you. The focus of our exam is to get an overall picture of how your oral conditions relates as a part of your whole body in terms of our three guiding parameters, Health, Function and Beauty.

Flexible appointment times and scheduling

Part of our individualized consultation process involves finding times appropriate for your schedule to have your treatment completed. We do offer evening appointments and can customize your treatment plan.

Biocompatible dentistry

Science has yet to provide us with the ability to regenerate missing tooth structure but, we do have choice in restorative materials. Some materials are better suited to more naturally replace missing tooth structure. We practice amalgam-free dentistry (no silver/mercury fillings) but utilize many other materials (resin/composite, gold, porcelain, glass ionomer etc.) If you have a specific concern or sensitivity our consultation process will help work out what will work out best for the long term health of your mouth and body.

Payment plans

An important part of your consultation. We work with you to arrange a payment plan or financing option as needed. Every good oral health care plan needs a financial plan to make the best care available for you.

Children’s dentistry

We love those little smiles! Good health for a lifetime, set them off on the right foot early. The Canadian Dental Association recommends the first visit to the dental office to occur 6 months after the first baby tooth is cut or by 1 year of age. We encourage you to bring in little ones at this time, long before we anticipate any problems. This visit is to get them familiar with us, gives you a chance to ask any questions and we help suggest habits that will set up home care and hopefully keep them cavity free for life! Most of the time this visit is just a visual check, a chat and a ride in the chair we do our best to provide a comfortable environment to prevent dental caries and provide dental care for children of all ages (and the child in each of us too!)

Digital imaging

The advantages of digital imaging of radiographs (x rays) compared to conventional film are numerous. Digital processing drastically reduces the radiation exposure to our patients, allows us to process images without the chemicals needed to develop traditional film and we get to see the images much sooner and on a computer monitor where it is much easier to illustrate any issues. This might seem like a small change but it allows us to provide the highest standard of care.

Oral sedation

Fear and anxiety can keep many patients from having dental treatment. Advances in dentistry have made it easier on patients but that doesn’t erase bad past experiences. Many patients will avoid check ups all together and are embarrassed of years of neglect of their teeth. Unfortunately this is very common but nothing to be embarrassed about. There are options to help ease anxiety if this is a problem for you.

Latex free environment

Dr. Maureen’s own latex allergy has only highlighted the number of patients for whom this is also an issue. Why take any chances? We’re latex – free.

Senior’s dental care

Your smile should last a lifetime. Let us help care for it. Good oral health impacts your whole body health. Your mouth and smile are sources of vitality and health. Let us work with you and discuss your needs.

Our Services

Our focus is on quality prevention based care. We aim to preserve your natural teeth and when restoring your smile, using materials that are the most natural for a healthy and long term result.

Routine Dental Procedures

Routine Dental Procedures

Regular care and maintenance of a healthy smile for every year of you life. Your best smile need regular attention and care both by yourself at home and by our team of oral care professionals. We can help asses what your home care is like and offer suggestions on which products would work best for your needs and how to use them. Often a small change can greatly improve long term oral health. Read More

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Aesthetic and Restorative

Esthetic and Restorative

Helping you shine is where we shine. We place a high priority on honing the skills and having the cutting edge equipment and products for our patients who want to improve the look and functions of their teeth. We do life changing dentistry and are proud of it! Read More

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Orthodontic Services