Orthodontics – “braces” and tooth alignment

Your Smile Is Our Specialty – Orthodontist

Why Orthodontic Treatment?

Having orthodontist treatment to properly align your teeth and jaw is an investment in a great looking and healthy smile for a lifetime. Utilizing braces or other orthodontic appliance creates the form for proper anatomy in the teeth and jaws. This means your mouth is better able to do all the things it is meant to do over a lifetime. Eat, whistle, kiss, talk, smile, taste, breathe…pretty important jobs!

Orthodontics Can Improve Oral Health and Boost your USelf-Image.

Braces don’t just change looks-they can improve outlooks. The art and science of orthodontics has greatly enhanced the quality of life for many people of all ages. Patients say they no longer feel the urge to cover their mouths self-consciously whenever they laugh or smile.

What is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a dentist who after graduating from dental school, has completed advanced education and clinical training in only orthodontics for 2-3 years at an accredited university. After graduating, orthodontists spend 100% of their time treating crooked teeth and jaws. They have extensive knowledge and experience in helping your jaws and teeth work in harmony.

Solving the bite problem

You may see six crooked front teeth. The orthodontist sees the cause of the crooked teeth in three dimensions. Orthodontists use their education, experience and expertise to delve deep to discover the root of your orthodontic problem. Armed with a diagnosis that takes all factors into account, orthodontists can plan your solution; one that delivers a healthy attractive smile and a lasting result.

The Right Treatment for you

There are many treatment options these days, from clear aligners to modern braces. They each have their uses, but only an orthodontist has the specialized knowledge to identify and plan for all the variables in your mouth. Orthodontists take your unique needs and wishes into consideration, too, when recommending the right treatment option for you. Orthodontists have knowledge of the full range of orthodontic appliances. They know what to use and when to use it because they work with these tools every day.

The big picture

Sure, you want a dazzling smile. Your orthodontist wants that for you too; along with treatment results that last. You deserve the best: a good bite and a healthy, beautiful smile. Consult an orthodontist for your life, your health, your happiness, your smile.

Our Services

Our focus is on quality prevention based care. We aim to preserve your natural teeth and when restoring your smile, using materials that are the most natural for a healthy and long term result.

Routine Dental Procedures

Routine Dental Procedures

Regular care and maintenance of a healthy smile for every year of you life. Your best smile need regular attention and care both by yourself at home and by our team of oral care professionals. We can help asses what your home care is like and offer suggestions on which products would work best for your needs and how to use them. Often a small change can greatly improve long term oral health. Read More

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Aesthetic and Restorative

Esthetic and Restorative

Helping you shine is where we shine. We place a high priority on honing the skills and having the cutting edge equipment and products for our patients who want to improve the look and functions of their teeth. We do life changing dentistry and are proud of it! Read More

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