Reconstructive Dentistry – FAQ

Everyone wants that perfect smile, and many of my patients feel very self-conscious about reconstructive and aesthetic challenges in their mouths. Chipped, broken or missing teeth, alignment issues, staining and bite problems are all common concerns. And these issues can lead to functional problems as well, like snoring and sleep apnea. If not corrected, these problem usually get worse over time. So with all these reasons to address serious dental concerns, why do so many people avoid and delay treatment? There are many reasons, and here are some of the most typical questions and concerns that I hear from my patients.

Reconstructive and Restorative Dentistry FAQ

How much will it cost?

I truly wish that this question was asked more frequently, because I believe it is usually the biggest concern. However, I think that people often feel embarrassed to openly ask about cost and the challenges associated with budgeting for dental work.

Please, please, PLEASE let’s have an honest conversation! We can help with payment plans, sequencing work to maximize dental benefits and spacing procedures over a period of time to work both for your health and your budget. At the end of the day, your dental health is our first priority.

How long will it take to recover?

Patients are usually pleasantly surprised to find that there is less discomfort than anticipated. Over the counter pain medication is usually sufficient to treat any mild pain, and fully recovery can usually be expected within a day or two following even fairly intensive procedures.

Will the procedure itself be painful? Can you help patients who feel anxious about having the work done?

This is another very normal concern, and one that we can easily address with different sedation options (both nitrous and oral) and local anaesthesia.

What can I do about chipped teeth?

Usually, chipped teeth can be repaired without a crown or veneer. It is a simple process and protects the long term health of the tooth.

How long will dental work like veneers and crowns last?

Well-placed dental work in a healthy mouth will last for at least 15 to 20 years.

Can I drink coffee, tea and wine while whitening my teeth?

Yes! Although the stains will return. We offer whitening refills or a maintenance program.

Can I replace my silver fillings?

Replacing amalgam (silver) filings with composite (or white) is a very common request. And it is covered by many dental plans as it is considered a basic procedure.

What are the options for missing teeth? Do I need dentures?

Implants are often are viable solution for missing teeth. And an implant can last for a lifetime! Some dental plans will cover implants, so it is a discussion worth having.


What about crooked teeth? Do I need braces?

Clear aligners such as Invisalign have become the standard for correcting crooked teeth in adults. While most patients feel that this is an aesthetic procedure, it also has huge functional benefits. Misaligned teeth wear unevenly, creating problems over time. And often, this can be a contributing factor with sleep apnea and other airway issues.

Clear alignment solutions usually require about 18 months and only one set is typically needed. With our new scanner, we offer impression-free fittings. No more goop!

Whatever your questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to book a consultation. Come have an open conversation with myself and my staff – we want to help all our patients achieve optimal dental health. And we want you to feel great about your smile!

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