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DIY Oral Health Tips from a Dentist

I am often asked by my patients about how they can protect their oral health when they’re not in my chair. And many ask about the value of popular alternative products. Which ones are worth the hype? In this post, I demystify some common perceptions and provide some surprisingly simple ways to care for your mouth. 

Reconstructive Dentistry – FAQ

Many of my patients feel very self-conscious about aesthetic challenges in their mouths. Chipped, broken or missing teeth, alignment issues, staining and bite problems are all common concerns. Why do so many people avoid and delay treatment? Here are some typical questions and concerns.

A Lifetime of Dental Health

So if 50 is the new 40, and 60 the new 50… what does that mean for our teeth? People are living longer than ever before, but I think we all want quality of life, not just quantity. And a huge component is dental health and wellness. And there are some big reasons to think about getting in optimal oral health prior to retirement.

Lessons From Frances

I found out recently that my oldest patient had passed away. She had fully lived all of her 97 years and I felt reflective about the time I had spent with her. I learned a great deal from Frances, and it has inspired me to write this post, with the blessing of her family.

Fall in love with your smile

My path I had really crooked teeth in my youth. A shy kid who didn’t smile much because I didn’t want to show my teeth. We were struggling to get by, but somehow my mom managed to start me in orthodontics. I was that odd kid, so very happy to have braces. It is that investment in me that […]

Saving teeth when “It doesn’t hurt”.

I understand the thought saying “it doesn’t hurt” but waiting until is does can mean serious problems. This common refrain from my patients after I explain a problem I see with their teeth. Like cancer, caries (tooth decay) and periodontal disease often doesn’t hurt until the end. Fixing the ‘hurt’ is much harder (and expensive!) than […]