Dentist shouts “Last Call!” Use Your 2021 Dental Insurance Benefits

Seasons change

Autumn is in full swing. October brings cooler weather and fall holidays. Hopefully you have found time this season for a dentist visit. I have a compelling reason to book now if you haven’t been in yet. Dental insurance year end is near. It is really early to start talking about the New Year. Your teeth, your smile, your health doesn’t care what day, week or month it is.



My job

As a dentist my primary goal is to help my patients keep their teeth. Generally that is your goal too! I treat you and not your plan. Most dental insurance plans have a yearly limit that is based on the calendar year. It’s time to think about your beautiful smile.

Planning your plan

If you haven’t used all your dental coverage for 2021 it is time to make an appointment with a dentist. If any of your work is considered “major”, it is even more important to see your dentist now! With our office you have until mid October to get approval in time from your insurance company for major dental work for this year.

Insurance will generally cover “basic work” without the provider assessing the need. Insurance companies use the term major for treatment such as crowns, implants, partial dentures, veneers, night guards. I don’t like the term major as it implies a big undertaking and I do most of these procedures quite routinely. Typically, insurance will cover a portion of the costs. However, your insurance provider will want to assess the need with a pre-determination. A copy of records (x-ray, models, photographs etc.) are sent to the insurance providers and they report back on eligible coverage.

Busy season for smiles

Why am I talking about this? They often take 6 weeks to process. Avoid the rush. Come early, come now!

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