Being an Invisible Artist

018 Maybe the connection between dentistry and artistry isn’t clear to many people. After all, my best works are never seen. I hide the edges of veneers, tuck my porcelain work between teeth and under gumlines. I change smiles, align teeth, put teeth in and take them out. I rebuild mouths, restore function, reduce pain and prolong life. There is a real art in all of that. The art of caring for a person. Seeing a life they want for themselves and helping them get there. Delivering the dentistry they want and not dictating what they “need”.

So really my best work is the conversation. When I find a great plan for care for someone that meets their needs precisely. The dental work becomes quite easy from there on. It melts into the person and becomes a true part of them. My goal is the only person who can tell my work is there is me. Or at least someone looking closely with a mouth mirror. It is art and it disappears. My art walks away with my clients. My best art looks natural and not like anything at all, but it is still my art.

Studio is in the name of my Richmond office and purposely put there. I focus on restoring smiles, replacing teeth with implants and helping my clients keep teeth for their whole life. I am a dentist and an artist, but you might never see my work.

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