Top ten reasons a crown can save your tooth

A crown is a way of covering a natural tooth to reinforce its structure. Traditionally they were gold but now can be made of porcelain and match other teeth. Each one is custom made to fit your tooth, neighboring and biting teeth.  With proper oral hygiene and care can last 10-15 years or longer. Here are some reasons why you might want to protect your tooth with a crown.

  1. You have large fillings – restorations or fillings address the cavity made by decay but placing them can structurally weaken teeth.  A crown will more properly address the missing tooth structure and keep it strong under biting forces.
  2. Teeth have poor contour/food trapping – natural or filled teeth can allow spaces that cause food trapping, gum irritation and worsen gum disease.  Changing tooth shape with a crown can eliminate these problems.
  3. Your health demands inert material – Some people experience sensitivity to material in fillings. Gold and porcelain in crowns are biocompatible.
  4. Your teeth formed with deficient enamel – A tooth that has formed with incomplete, pitted or malformed enamel may benefit from a crown to restore the bite and prevent decay.
  5. You’ve had root canal therapy – After this treatment a tooth is very brittle and will break under biting pressure. A crown is indicated nearly 100% of the time.
  6. You’ve broken piece of tooth – To replace the missing piece and restore the function of the tooth a crown is placed.
  7. You have an uneven bite- Uneven bite can happen from disproportionate growth, filling materials, worn or missing teeth. Crowns often can be used to help rebalance the bite restoring function and comfort.
  8. You have worn teeth – Replacing the missing structure.
  9. You have cracked teeth – Like the hoops on a barrel, a crown can help hold cracked teeth together and prevent fracturing.
  10. You would like to improve aesthetic – Modern materials make crowns indistinguishable from natural teeth and can be used to improve problems such as previous unmatched dental work, discolored teeth, chipped edges, broken teeth, cracks, spacing and crowding,

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    1. Yes we do! Give Lauree or Joanne a call at 604-277-2223 to set up a time for your little one.

  1. I’ve been needing a porcelain crown for a little while now. I’ll have to find a dentist in my area to see what options are available.

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