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My path

I had really crooked teeth in my youth. A shy kid who didn’t smile much because I didn’t want to show my teeth. We were struggling to get by, but somehow my mom managed to start me in orthodontics. I was that odd kid, so very happy to have braces. It is that investment in me that I credit as the first time I felt a real value and self worth. The changes were apparent in more than my teeth and I became confident and self assured. Changing my smile was the starting point for my future which now seemed full of possibility.


My practice

Personally, I feel that the ‘smile makeover’ has been given too much press. That it is the Hollywood starlet’s right of passage and not for the average person. I think there is also the perception that the cost is going to be very expensive. All of which I feel is not true.

There are so many of my patients that are wanting to change something about their smile. Many of these changes are small, take a single appointment and make a big difference in their self confidence. Sometimes we need to work on many teeth and sometimes it takes longer, but whatever the change, each person has a customized plan that works to meet their goals and also is manageable financially. I want to take care of you as a whole person, not just your teeth.

My heart

I love a healthy smile. My patients that love their smiles take the best care of their teeth. So I really love being able to give that gift to my clients. That is really how it feels for me to use my skill set to plan and perform to give someone their best smile. It is the best part of being a dentist and truly makes me love what I do.

Fall in love with your smile!

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