Snoring and Sleep Apnea – TOP 5 reasons for oral appliances.

  1. A better sleep.

It seems obvious but if you are snoring or waking at night you are losing out on REM sleep. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is our most restful and important phase of sleep. The result is chronic daytime sleepiness. Unfortunately, many sufferers don’t know what they are missing as fatigue is their normal.

  1. A happier spouse

Let’s face it, its hard to sleep near someone who snores. Turning down the volume is a better option than separate bedrooms. 

  1. Its about my whole health

I’ve mentioned the importance of sleep, but the health impact of snoring and apnea is much more far reaching than that. Snoring and apnea is a symptom of your body struggling to get adequate air into your lungs and then to your bloodstream. This put excess strain on your heart as it tries to push enough of this poorly oxygenated blood to sustain other organs.

  1. Darth Vadar

CPAP has its place. The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine (CPAP) attaches to your face with a mask to push air into your body. Both the mask and the sound of the machine lends it to the nickname of the ‘Darth Vadar’ machine. It tethers you.  So no stomach or side sleeping. And another main complaint, “its just not sexy”.

  1. Its fits my life

No hoses to maintain. No need for a power source. Oral appliances, lets call ours a ‘snore guard’, can go on travel, be worn on a plane, in a hotel room and out camping. They are often covered by extended medical plans and a great way to improve your health and life.

Find more information or talk to your doctor.

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